Our Team

Richard Lamora

Chief Executive Meeple

Owner. Lover of all things Hawaiian, floral print, hats, sneakers, and rattails (#rattailswag), also beer. My life pretty much revolves around beer and board games. I do not get enough guilty pleasure games because i am to busy playing games that we test to send to you. Hopefully, you love what you get but if not blame one of the Hoffman's.

Curtis Miller

VP Operations Meeple

Known affectionately to the rest of the team as "Grandpa," someone has to keep these young whipper snappers in line and make sure stuff gets done.  But seriously, we've been gaming together for years now, since back in the day when I was the owner of the late, great MCM Games (may she R.I.P.). I particularly enjoy co-operative style games and I'm a sucker for good artwork.  Bring me a good beer, some good food, good friends, and a beautiful board game and I'm all set for a great evening.

    Nick Hoffman

    Lead Testing Meeple

    Being a lifelong Pokemon player, I became pretty good collecting sets of things. When board gaming became my biggest hobby, that habit definitely carried over. If a game has a ton of expansions *cough cough* Sentinels of the Multiverse, it grabs my interest immediately.  That being said, I'll fall in love with a game at the drop of a hat. Between YouTube for game overviews and BoardGameGeek (CM Shuckle if you want to trade) for community opinions, my collection has grown immensely. So when Richard asked if I wanted to help research, play test, and write about all kinds of new games, I jumped at the opportunity.

      Mike Hoffman

      Dungeon Crawl Meeple

      I am Money Mike Hoffman AKA the Bored Gamer. I grew up on Card games like Yugioh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Wow TCG, WWE Raw Deal, Cardfight Vanguard, and DBZ. I have since converted to Miniature games. (Praise Menoth!) I am a Deck Building Game connoisseur and everybody’s hero of the local game shop. If you want my opinion of a game let me know (I'm gonna give it anyway) and always remember, the objective of a game is win but the point is to have fun.

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